Statement by Günter Koberg

Günter Koberg

Graz, although a 'second city' has had a vibrant architectural scene since the 1960s that gained international attention. Due to a fruitful cooperation between both architects, the public and politics, especially in the 70s and 80s, the city is densely populated with notable architectural projects.Martin Krammer assists Günter Koberg

As a result of this and other activities Graz has been the European Capital of Culture in 2003. A certain negative effect occurred after this year when the city had less money to spend on anything related to culture and also seemed to lack energy to develop new visions.
Günter Koberg (Graz, Austria) is one of the coordinators of 'Projekt_A', a local grass-roots initiative that wants to put architecture and urbanism on the city's agenda again and hopes to do this in large scale. Graz shall be perceived as a 'capital of architecture' again (Koberg is sceptical about this term because it implies a claim of territory whereas peer-to-peer relationships are more desirable nowadays). 'Projekt_A' would ideally mount in a festival but through an extensive preliminary phase a close bond to the public of Graz (and therefore a sustainable initiative) shall be established.

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