Dirty Franco serves his lobsters topless

Lobby in Via Francesco d'Assisi

The image above is to illustrate that the Italian society pays attention to the impression it gives to you - this may be misleading sometimes but it adds to the quality of everyday life. We found quite a few lobbies of condominiums that were carefully designed and very elegant.

Bread as served (thrown on the table) by Franco Sporco.

A shiny example of the opposite approach is Franco Sporco's restaurant that we visited this evening - he does not give a damn about the impression he gives to anybody and his restaurant is not very elegant.

Franco's selection of tools for the oncoming challenges

The natives call him 'dirty Franco' but nevertheless they seem to be very fond of his restaurant - apparently it is very hard to get in. Later in the evening Franco will eventually drop his shirt and start to sing.

Franco's enormous plates - at this point you will forgive him any flaws concerning the treatment of guests.

Franco! Sporco!


Anonym hat gesagt…

from the hummer I would have gespeibt myself on, so looks it.

Z. V. Blog hat gesagt…

You would not, because they were amtlich (perhaps you would have gespeibt from the third hummer as I had to eat two and a half.)

Anonym hat gesagt…

let's go to franco for some lobster, and then WATCH ME!