Kerstin Schultz's presentation

Darmstadt, Germany, is well-known for its heritage of Art Nouveau architecture. Today an astonishing number of 900 architectural practices work in the city but contemporary architecture seems to keep a low profile. The 'Architekursommer (summer of architecture) Darmstadt' was a festival that made the discipline more visible and did so with a minimum of funding and a maximum of activities. After one and a half years of preparation 90 events took place and this cost only 65.000 euros including a web site, a catalog and everything else.
Kerstin Schultz

Kerstin Schultz is chairman of the board and gave us an idea of the diversity of projects that were part of the architektursommer. Several institutions had been linked together and the result was a very dense range of events, one opening every second day. An urban mini golf competition, guerrilla tagging of public spaces or the use of towels as a means to conquer a slice of personal space were playful approaches. Ms. Schultz also had a few lessons for us concerning the interaction with politics and fund raising. (See next post)

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